Auther - Unifeeder Enter Date - 2013-03-12
The Kiel Canal authorities suddenly informed us that due to urgent maintenance work at the Brunsbüttel locks of the Kiel Canal, the canal is
closed as of last night and for minimum two weeks for all vessels longer than
125 metres or with a draft of more than 6.50 metres, i.e. in reality for all feeder vessels employed by Unifeeder.
The Kiel Canal forms an important part of the infrastructure between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, Denmark and Sweden. During the closure of the canal, all vessels operated by Unifeeder destined to/from the areas mentioned above cannot make use of the Kiel Canal and will subsequently need to take the longer route via Skaw, north of Denmark.
The route via Skaw will result in increased costs due to:
• Bunker and time-charter costs (more nautical miles and longer voyages)
• Idle time at ports and/or overtime costs As a consequence we have to implement an immediate, but temporary emergency surcharge of EUR 20 per teu on our freight invoices for cargo loaded as from Friday, 8th March 2013 as a contribution to the extra costs related to the routing via Skaw.
The surcharge is applicable between hub ports and all ports in the following
Baltic/Scandinavian countries:
Russia – Finland – Estonia – Latvia – Lithuania – Poland – Denmark –
Sweden (except Gothenburg)
Despite striving to maintain our services as intact as possible, the closure might have the following negative impacts:
• Extension of transit time
• Disruption of our master schedule
• Reduced weekly capacity due to longer voyages The surcharge is based on an average calculation of the various voyages, vessels sizes etc., and will be charged for such a number of days as is equivalent to the number of days of the closure.

For more information please see attached newsletter from “Wasser- und
Schifffahrtsverwaltung des Bundes”.
We regret this very sudden and rather long closure of the Kiel Canal and the
subsequent service disruptions, related costs and delays. However, facing such a matter of force majeure, we shall, based on your above contribution, do our utmost to maintain the best possible schedule and capacity during the coming weeks.
Our local offices are ready to assist you with further information about the
capacity and sailings available during the coming days and weeks.