EXS (Exit Summary Declaration) Regulation
Auther - Megatrend Enter Date - 2011-12-29
We would like to inform you that from 1st January 2012, EXS(Exit Summary Declaration) of EU 24Hour Rules will be applied for cargo which will be brought out of the EU but for which export customs declaration is not existent (i.e. Export declaration, Transit Declaration and Re-export declaration, EXS Waiver not available).

This regulation is already carried out in all European countries, but will be enforced by local European customs offices. EXS manifest should be completed by 24hours prior to commencement of loading (for short-sea traffic, no later than 2 hours before vessel departure).

To identify if your cargo is been covered by EXS waiver, please contact your local European Customs office to apply for an EXS waiver and inform our local EU office in your area to make sure your cargo can receive risk assessment under customs control before vessel loading.

In case your shipment is subject to EXS filing (i.e. has no EXS Waiver, no Transit Declaration, no Export declaration or Re-export declaration), we as carrier need to manifest EXS on behalf of our customer. To avoid any penalty or cargo hold by customs, we are kindly requesting for accurate and timely S/I submission before 48 hours prior to loading. Documentation Cut-off Time may vary by each area. The required data is listed as below.

  • Consignor (EORI number where available) with full address
  • Consignee (EORI number where available) with full address
  • Notify Party for “To Order” B/L (EORI number where available) with full address
  • Plain language cargo description
  • 6 digit HS Code
  • Code for the type of packages
  • Number of packages
  • Shipping marks for packaged goods (not necessary for containerized goods)
  • Container number
  • Seal number
  • Gross weight (in kilograms)
  • UN code for dangerous goods

We are sincerely appreciating your good cooperation. For more details of EXS regulation, please refer to FAQ material published by European Commission or contact the local EU customs office.