EU Regulations - Special Instructions
Auther - Megatrend Enter Date - 2011-06-09
Dear Customers,

Circular Massage 008/2011 EU Regulations / Special Instructions

The grace period within which EU Customs Administrations agreed not to fine will be over on 30th June 2011.

It is therefore now absolutely mandatory to make sure that all ENS transmissions are done within the legal time frames, i.e. 24 hours prior to loading for deep sea shipments, 2 hours prior to arrival at 1st EU port for short sea shipments.

The following points must be adhered to in order to avoid rejections:
  • Make sure the shipping instructions are received within the documentary cut off time frames set in each agency to allow for adjustments.

  • The commodity code which is selected must correspond to the description in marks and description of the bill.

  • We cannot modify the wording which is generated by our system corresponding to the commodity code selected.

  • The commodity code should be provided by the customers.

  • The commodity codes which can be used for shipments of personal effects are 980000, 98060035, 98050050, 98040085. (for information, the system will automatically convert this code to 9905 when transmitting to EU customs as it is the only code accepted by EU Customs for personal effects. Do not input 9905 directly.)

  • A bill of lading cannot be transmitted if there are more than 99 containers on it. Customs' systems cannot integrate more than 99 containers.

  • The information about Partner which is created in the system must be complete, i.e. full name, address, city, country and post code ( as per the list of countries for which postal codes are mandatory )

  • The special code 9999999901 must be used only when bills of lading are issued " To Oder" (in blank)

  • When bills of lading are issued in blank, remember to indicate the full of the notify party.

  • Package codes are transmitted in the ENS. These codes must not exceed two characters.

  • A modification cannot be transmitted until an MRN number is received.

  • After the ENS has been transmitted and MRN and OK obtained, all modifications (including split, switch, merge) are subject to a new analysis by customs. This may result in controls either at 1st EU port or EU B/L discharge port.

  • Amendments cannot be done if the notification of arrival has been transmitted to customs by the 1st EU port.

  • Amendments cannot be done if  a diversion massage has been transmitted to customs by the new 1st EU port.

  • Customers will be held liable for fines due to wrong declarations or amendments after the ENS has been transmitted.