Auther - Megatrend Enter Date - 2011-05-06
Ladies and Gentlemen,

In connection with the difficult situation in the port of St. Petersburg and caused by various factors including weather, main terminals and the FCT and PLP are highly congested. Accordingly, unloading of import containers as well as acceptance of empty containers are heavily restricted.

Dry ports and Depots Voskhod, Module and Yanina are also congested. Lack of space has a direct impact on entry and exit process of containers.

We are taking maximum effort to seek the possibility of empty container return without any extra cost. But depending on equipment rotation situation, which can change all of a sudden, Shipping lines would charge for – ACCEPTANCE OF EMPTY CONTAINER AT DRY PORT. That will depend on line and place of acceptance, from 150 USD per TEU excluding VAT.

We highly appreciate your valued understanding and hope, current congested situation in base port terminals would be normalized soon.

Mega Trend Ltd,