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Mearsk announce new Surcharge
General Rate Increases/Restoration (GRI/GRR)Far East Asia to Tanga, Tanzania and Zanzibar, Tanzania – General Rate Increase (GRI)Eff....
Evergreen Line to Adjust Intra-Asia Services
Evergreen Line will realign its fleet deployment and launch new services, effective November 2011.Two new service loops will replace the existing Japan – Taiwan – South China Sea (JTS) service. The new South China Sea - Hong Kong (SCH) loop will serve the southern leg of JTS se....
COSCO announce THC/THD adjustment
COSCO Container Lines announce THC/THD adjustment for Philippines on Persian Gulf, Indian Sub-continent and Red Sea Trade effective from November 19, 2011.The details of THC/THD are as follows: USD 123 per TEU, USD 164 per FEU for general cargoUSD 159 per TEU, USD 212 per FEU for....
NYK Enters Brazilian Cabotage Business
NYK is announce its participation in the Brazilian cabotage business* through an acquisition of 10 percent of the shares of Maestra Navegação e Logistica S.A. (Maestra)** and its two group companies. NYK and Maestra also agreed to nominate one board member from the NYK Group to Maestra’....
Novorossiysk is closed
Operations at the port of Novorossiysk stopped due to a storm warning. Storm in Novorossiysk was announced at 2 am Tuesday.  Now the wave height reaches 1.3-2 m, the speed of the north-east wind of 20-25 m /.  According to the forecast synoptic storm warning will be valid for 3 day....
Maersk introduces a General Rate Increase
Maersk introduces a General Rate Increase (GRI) for cargo to and from the ports of Northern Europe and Scandinavia to the Far East ports. They increase spread on shipping containers in scrap metal, waste paper and similar waste. The size increase is $ 100 with the container.  Th....
Restricted commodities by Indian Railways
Valued customers, The Indian Railways have imposed immediate restrictions on transportation of following commodities in containers by Rail. This restriction means that Indian railways will not accept the following commodities in containers for Rail transportation to Inland ....
MSC announce CGS on cargo from Asia to the Sydney
MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company advise clients of a Congestion Surcharge (CGS) on cargo from any asian port to the port of Sydney as of  November 15, 2011 arrival date, as follows :* USD 100.00 per TEU, payable at Destination ....
COSCO announce Rate Restoration for Far East to Persian Gulf Trade
COSCO Container Lines would like to announce Rate Restoration for all shipments from Far East to Persian Gulf Trade and take effect from November 1, 2011.The detail of the RR is as follows: 200USD Per TEUFar East include: China Mainland, China Hong Kong, China Taiwan, China Macao, Ph....
COSCO announce "FAF" for Far East to Middle East Trade
COSCO Container Lines a Fuel Adjustment Factor (FAF) in Far East to Red Sea, Gulf & India Sub-Continent Trade and take effect from November 1, 2011 to November 30, 2011.The revised FAF are as follows: From Far East (except Japan) to Persian Gulf &....
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